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Exactly what you want to say...

only better

Content creation

Storytelling is what I do. Whether you need corporate communications that won't send the reader to sleep or UX copy for a new product, a website, blog or publication, I can help. I specialise in turning the ideas and knowledge of others into engaging, clear and consistent copy.

Content design + consulting

It's easy to think content can just be dropped in to a product before it goes live. Lorem ipsum until the last minute, right? Sure, if you want to deliver an average user experience. I work with product and UX teams to design  effective content-first flows that deliver seamless experiences for the end user.


+ brand guidelines

If you're launching a new company or you've recognised the need for change, nailing your brand and tone are  important first steps. You need a unified voice. I will work with you to understand your audience, goals and market to create an authentic, relevant and effective brand.


+ proofreading

Want someone to point out all your mistakes (in a gentle way)? I'm here for you and all your missed apostrophes. With years of structural and line editing experience, I can also help shape and sharpen your writing, whether that's a manuscript, corporate communications, web copy or, hell, even your Tinder profile. There's always room to improve.



About Me

With over fifteen years of experience in content creation, UX writing, editing and strategy for some of the world's leading organisations, I know how to find the right story and to tell it well. 


After a career as a publisher and editor, I became the first Australian employee of Amazon's Audible and was instrumental in launching the Australian business. I then moved to the Amazon Alexa team to lead the design and development of Alexa's Australian and New Zealand personality and news products. 


Throughout my career, I have worked consistently as a freelance writer and editor for leading publishing houses, media outlets, startups and publications. Under the banner of Cooper, I deliver effective, outcome-driven content and strategic direction for clients of all sizes.



Whether you’re big or small, starting up or starting over, let’s talk about how I can help.

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